Nonprofit & Education Professional Development

Professional Development Services

Learning First Consulting provides an array of professional development services for nonprofits and teachers ranging from one-on-one skill training to interactive workshops, as well as opportunities to earn professional development hours. LFC will customize professional, personal, and team development sessions to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Professional Development Workshops

Learning First Consulting provides single-day and multi-day professional development workshops in areas such as: educational leadership, data collection, educational research, smart goal setting, strategic planning, and team building. We utilize a team of skilled trainers with expertise in your area of focus. Are you looking for an off-site experience? LFC conference services will plan off-site educational workshops and retreats in your local area or site of choice.

Skill Development Training For Teachers & Nonprofits

Confidence in critical task work is a fundamental element of a successful professional development program. Learning First Consulting will tailor a curriculum to your needs to assist with the development of skills in the areas of educational research, grant writing and evaluation planning, smart goal setting, and team building.

Online Webinars For Professional Development

Online webinars are a convenient and time-effective medium for delivering professional development courses. Whether it’s a one-time informative session or a multi-module experience, Learning First Consulting can deliver any of our comprehensive workshops in an online format.

On-Site Program Evaluation & Assistance

Learning First Consulting’s on-site reviews will help you reimagine your current initiatives and procedure. Upward evaluations, 360-degree reviews, and semi-structured interviews will provide valuable feedback and evidence for new approaches and solution-focused interventions. Consultants take a holistic approach to on-site program evaluation, taking careful consideration of internal and external factors which influence program processes and outcomes.