Nonprofit & Education Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the first step in creating measurable goals and outcomes for any project. Learning First Consulting can assist you each step of the way. Whether you need assistance with the planning process, grant writing, logic modeling, or program evaluation, LFC can address your needs with an individualized plan of action.

Evaluation Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is a way of determining what is needed to achieve your project’s goals. This critical step establishes priorities, identifies strategies, and pinpoints resources. A needs assessment is a fluid part of the strategic planning process. Learning First Consulting will assist you in creating a needs assessment in line with your organization’s vision, mission, and values.

Logic Modeling

A logic model is the foundation to creating clear objectives for any project. It is a graphic depiction that presents the relationship between your program’s activities and their intended effects. Learning First Consulting takes a systemic approach to logic modeling – incorporating inputs, outputs, and external influences when setting measurable and attainable goals.

Program Evaluation Design

Learning First Consulting will customize an evaluation design for your project. There are no cookie-cutter designs, as internal and external confounds must be explored to determine an evaluation design for your project. The staff at LFC have expertise in both quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method designs in evaluation. In addition, our data analysts are well-versed in survey design, psychometric validation, and qualitative coding to ensure that the instruments used provide rich, meaningful data upon completion.

Survey Research

Survey construction is integral to survey research and often overlooked in the planning process. Learning First Consulting knows that outcomes can only truly be measured by asking the right questions. While there are many online sources for survey research tools, they can often be inadequate. Without careful consideration of construction, structure, and scaling, surveys may be deficient when reporting to funding organizations, company boards, or educational administrators.

Data Analytics Dashboard

Making data-informed decisions based on results is a vital step in the program evaluation process. Learning First Consulting systematically presents the data gathered during the evaluation process in a way that allows the client to discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful results, ultimately allowing for more powerful data-driven decision making.

Outcome Evaluation

Learning First Consulting will use various data analytics and reporting measures to identify the impact of programs and projects. Based on client needs, LFC can provide data analysis, explanation, recommendations, and an interactive web platform to assist you in forecasting future needs.

Program Evaluation Results from Learning First Consulting

Program Evaluation Projects

Learning First Consulting was established based on the need for grant accountability and federal reporting standards. LFC provides an external evaluation of program effectiveness and recommendations for continual improvement. Consultants at LFC view evaluation as a collaborative process in a team environment. Our goal is to report data as required, but to also see you succeed in the process with on-site reviews, continuous dialogue, and early identification of problem areas.